Desperation in Somaliland: No food, only dust

Awil Raage stands among the carcasses of dead sheep and goats. Over 120 of his flock have died of hunger and thirst since December 2016. He came here from the Togdher region of Somaliland in an effort to save them. Photo: Kieran McConville
Awil Raage and two of his sons, Jama, 8, and Hassan,11, are camped out in Ilkaweyne, Somaliland. This area, normally one of the more fertile in the country, is now bone dry. Photo: Kieran McConville

He is in an impossible position — stranded far from home and deeply worried for his family’s survival.

Awil and his sons’ few possessions at their temporary camp in Ilkaweyne, Somaliland, over 300 miles from their home. Photo: Kieran McConville
Muhumad Abdilahi, 78 years old. Photo: Kieran McConville

“We are waiting on nobody, except maybe Allah.”

Idil Abduhi at Laanbaarwaaqo in the Wajale district of Somalia’s Gabiley region. She is now receiving an emergency cash transfer and water supplies from Concern. Photo: Kieran McConville

Concern’s emergency response



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